Top 10 Largest Fast Food Chains In The World


Top 10 Largest Fast Food Chains In The World

What is the list of the top 10 largest fast-food chains in the world? In today’s world, fast food is more important in accordance with other foods. Every young person prefers fast food in their daily life. Many cities have a wide variety of fast-food chains according to the locations to choose from, people don’t need to travel far nowadays to find their favorites. That’s why we including the top 10 largest fast-food chains in the world. Many people order online and some people directly visit the restaurant.

Today we’ll be looking at the top 10 largest fast-food chains in the world.

10. Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John's Top 10 Largest Fast Food Chains In The World

Founded:- October 2, 1984

Founder:- John Schnatter

Papa John’s is a famous fastest pizza delivery service in America. Recently, it was declared as the fourth-largest delivery chain in the USA. Papa John’s has a total of 5395 restaurants, from which 3200 are in the USA itself.

John Schnatter is the creator of Papa John’s. He opened his first restaurant in Indiana in 1984. Papa John’s was the first restaurant to have an internet order facility in the USA. Today, Papa John’s has a total revenue of 1.4billion dollars having 20500 employees in total. Papa John’s has opened his franchise in various places like Europe, Latin America, and Asia too. Papa John’s generated total revenue of $1.62 billion as of 2019.

9. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Top 10 Largest Fast Food Chains In The World

Founded:- June 22, 1940, Joliet, Illinois, United States

Founders:- John Fremont McCullough

Dairy Queen is one of the biggest fast-food chains in America. This restaurant offers fast food, soft items including burgers, french fries, processed fried chicken, frozen treats, and hot dogs. People in America have a typical saying that DQ means Dairy Queen serves ‘Fan Food and not Fast Food’. Dairy Queen is established in 1940, according to that it has grown very much.

Dairy Queen has a total no of 6800 restaurants all over the World. This number of restaurants shows that how popular and amazing Dairy Queen will be.

8. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts

Founded:- 1950, Quincy, Massachusetts, U.S.

Founder:- William Rosenberg

Dunkin’ Donuts is a multinational coffee and doughnut serving company. The chain was acquired by the holder of Baskin Robbins company in 1990. Dunkin’ Donuts company’s growth started that year in North America. It has generated revenue in the year 2019 approximately $1.370 million. 

Dunkin’ Donuts operates at 12,871 locations all over the world in 42 countries. Baked goods, hot and iced beverages, sandwiches, and soft drinks are primary products from Dunkin’ Donuts. Dunkin’ Donuts is known as one of the largest coffee shops in Worldwide. William Rosenberg is the creator of Dunkin’ Donuts.

7.  Domino’s Pizza

Domino's pizza

Founded:- December 9, 1960, Ypsilanti, Michigan, U.S.

Founders:- James Monaghan, Tom Monaghan, Dominick DiVarti.

Domino’s Pizza is a multinational pizza delivery service in the USA. After Pizza Hut, Dominos is the second-largest pizza delivery service in the USA. This company has 17000 stores in 70 countries.

Domino’s Pizza has many variations of Pizza according to crust styles and it depends on the location of the store. Veg-NonVeg pizza and side beverages are some of the main products of Dominoes. Domino’s sells products of Coca Cola, as side beverages. Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest day, this day has very much crowd and offers are available on food, it varies location wise.

6. Burger King

burger king

Founded:- 1954, Miami, Florida

Founders:- David Edgerton and James McLamore

Burger King has grown very much along with Mcdonald’s with various types of burgers in the US. It is famous for its various types of Burgers, it offers salads, shakes, wings and much more…Burger King is one of the biggest food chains in the World. It has over 18,838 restaurants in 72 countries.

They guarantee to use freshly flame-grill our burgers, fresh ingredients, freshly chopped and sliced, source the best partners to make sure, the best ingredients, stack big, bold flavors in great portions.

5. Starbucks

starbucks Top 10 Largest Fast Food Chains In The World

Founded:- March 31, 1971, Place Market, Elliott Bay, Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Founders:- Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker

Starbucks is a multinational chain of coffee houses in Washington, DC. We all love coffee as it contains a high level of antioxidants and beneficiary nutrients, which seems quite healthy. It has now over 36226 locations and 70 countries all over the World. It has an annual revenue of 16 billion dollars worldwide.

The signature product of Starbucks is various types of coffee, hot and cold drinks, whole-bean coffee, espresso, caffe latte, Teavana tea products, Evolution Fresh juices, Frappuccino beverages, and pastries.

4. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Top 10 Largest Fast Food Chains In The World

Founded:- June 15, 1958, Kansas, U.S.

Founders:- Dan Carney, Frank Carney

Pizza Hut is an international franchise of the USA and one of the largest pizza delivery service worldwide. It has 18703 restaurants worldwide as of 2019. Menu Prices of Pizza Hut have been changing over the years the popularity remains the same.

Pizza Hut became the first-ever internet order facility service in outstations in 2001. The foremost objective of Pizza Hut is to make a perfect pizza and manage to achieve customer satisfaction. The signature product of Pizza Hut is pizza. They serve pasta, breadsticks, cheese sticks, cold and hot beverages.

3. Subway

subway Top 10 Largest Fast Food Chains In The World

Founded:- August 28, 1965, Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.

Founders:- Fred DeLuca, Peter Buck

Subway is an American multinational company that has nearly 43,600 restaurants in 111 countries. It has 25,785 restaurants in the US itself. Subway primarily sells submarine sandwiches and salads. It serves nearly 8 million sandwiches worldwide on a daily basis.

Subway has made a massive growth and has generated revenue of nearly $10 billion. This restaurant attracts sometimes healthy and health-conscious customers worldwide. Subway is known for its eat-fresh products like Roasted chicken, tuna, subway club, subway melt, chicken teriyaki.

2. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

KFC Top 10 Largest Fast Food Chains

Founded:- September 24, 1952;Salt Lake City, Utah

Founder:- Harland Sanders

Outlets:- 22,600 outlets (135 countries).

KFC is a multinational fast-food chain of America that specializes in Fried Chicken. After McDonald’s, KFC is the second largest chain worldwide. KFC’s first restaurant was in Guildford, Sydney.

KFC serves over 2 million customers a week in 650+ restaurants across Australia. The signature product of KFC is Fried Chicken and they serve sandwiches, wraps, French fries, Soft drinks, Salads, Desserts, Breakfast, Crushers (Milkshakes). KFC generates approximately $2.49 billion, as of 2019.

1. McDonald’s


Founded:- May 15, 1940 (San Bernardino, California, US)

Founders:- Richard and Maurice McDonald

McDonald’s is a multinational company and one of the largest fast-food chains worldwide. There are approximately 38,695 restaurants worldwide in 120 countries. McDonald’s serves approx 68 million customers each day. This company has the capacity of selling 75 hamburgers in a second worldwide.

McDonald’s is most famous for its combo meals and include burgers, salads, shakes, desserts. It is one of the most healthier fast-food chains worldwide. McDonald’s generated total revenue of $21.08 billion as of 2019.

These are the list of Top 10 largest fast-food chains in the world.

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