Top 10 Dangerous Airports In The World 2020

Princess Juliana International Airport

Top 10 Dangerous Airports In The World 2020

Flying is one of the best experiences, but some people suffer from fear of flying, so they don’t look down on the airplane while traveling. Have you people ever had crossed your fingers on airplane praying that you will make it through to landing and ever any situation does not come where you have to jump from the plane by parachute? According to our research, Princess Juliana International Airport tops the position of the Top 10 Dangerous Airports In The World 2020.

Some people have traveled the whole world, while some people have traveled half and some people are those who do not have experience of the airplane. There are many airports in the world and they are classified into “busiest airports” “biggest airports”, and so on but do you have heard about “most dangerous airports”? Comment below…

We have researched and enlisted the Top 10 Dangerous Airports In The World 2020.

Let’s take a look towards the list…

10. Madeira International Airport (FNC)

Madeira International Airport

Location: Santa Cruz

Serves: Madeira, Portugal

Airport type: Public

Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport or Funchal Airport located in Santa Cruz in the autonomous region of Madeira. It is also sometimes known in the name of Funcha City because it is located 13.2 km (8.2 mi) east-northeast to that City. This Airport mostly hosts flights to European metropolitan regions. Madeira International Airport is 4th busiest airport in the World. Madeira Airport was named in the honor of its native player Cristiano Ronaldo (Cr7). According to our research, Madeira Airport holds 10th position in our list of Top 10 Dangerous Airports In The World.

The Airport is considered as one of the most perilous airports in the World. Madeira Airport has received an Outstanding structure Award by the (IABSE) International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering in 2004.

Why this airport is dangerous?

This airport is most perilous and dangerous due to its location and its spectacular and shorter runway (at only 1600 meters in length.) construction. Because, this airport was generally built on the side of a cliff, there was no space left on which to extend the runway.

9. Barra Airport (BRR)

Barra Airport Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport In The World

Location: Barra

Serves: Scotland

Airport type: Public

Barra Airport is a short runway airport or STOLport situated in the wide shallow bay of big beach TraighMhòr at the northern tip of Barra islands in Outer Scotland.  This Airport is most interesting and unique because it is only one in the world where scheduled flights use the tidal beach as the runway. This airport is operated by the owner of most of the regional airports in mainland Scotland, (HIAL) Highlands and Islands Airports Limited.

Why Barra Airport is so dangerous?

Barra Airport is not only a unique and interesting but also very dangerous and high risky airport, as it is also known as one of the most dangerous airports in the world only because it runs on a beach. The High tides of the beach, or sometimes cars in parking have to turn on their headlights to help pilots during landing.

8. Narsarsuaq International Airport (UAK)

Nasarsuaq Airport Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport In The World

Location: Greenland

Serves: Narsarsuaq

Airport type: Public

Narsarsuaq Airport is an airport located Narsaesuaq in the Kujalleq municipality in Greenland. In Greenland, along with Kangerlussuaq Airport, are capable of serving large airlines. It is a single Airport in International in southern Greenland. Recently, Narsarsuaq as a hub for international cargo and traffic.

Why is Narsarsuaq Airport so dangerous?

The Short length of only 1,800 meters including slick ice canvass and stormy weather which results in low visibility and turbulence. This makes this Airport the most peculiarly perilous and dangerous in the World. This is an unpleasant airport for the crew as well as passengers and it is dangerous also because of the strong winds which can divert the plane easily.

7. Wellington International Airport (WLG)

Wellington Airport Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport In The World

Location: Rongotai, Wellington, New Zealand

Serves: Wellington, New Zealand

Airport type: Public

Wellington International Airport (also known as Rongotai Airport) is the airport located in the suburbs of Rongtoi in the Capital of New Zealand, Wellington. According to our research, Wellington Airport is in the 7th position in our list of Top 10 Dangerous Airports In The World 2020. This airport is also one of the busiest airports in the world handling 6,049,194 passengers in the year ending 31st March 2017.

Why is Wellington Airport so dangerous?

Wellington Airport is situated in a mountainous area and the gusty winds make this airport most dangerous in the world, and any plane can easily get swept by hurricane-force gusts.

6. Matekane Airport (MTK)

Matekane Airport Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport In The World

Location: Lesotho

Serves: Matekane, Lesotho

Airport type: Public

Matekane Airport is the high elevation airport that serves Matekane, Lesotho and situated in Lesotho. This Airport has a runway that extends to the edge of a 500 m (1,600 ft) cliff. Some doctors and charity organizers mostly used this runway to access remote villages in this area, Also, this runway is known as the world’s scariest and risky runway.

Why is Matekane Airport so dangerous?

Matekane Airport’s runway ends at the edge of 600 precipices. And the aircraft starts the takeoff after 400 meters after reaching the required speed, one mistake in takeoff, the plane directly goes down. Because of this risky airport, In 2009, it was shut down for international flights, although private small aircraft still use it actively.

5. Toncontín International Airport (TGU)

Toncontín International Airport

Location: Honduras

Serves: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Airport type: Military/Public

Toncontín International Airport is a civil and military airport located 4miles (6km) from the center of Honduras. According to our research, this airport is at 5th position in our list of Top 10 Dangerous Airports In The World 2020, and it is also known as 2nd most extreme airport in the World. The name of this Airport is derived from the name of an ancient and sacred dance of Yucatán in Mexico “Tocotín”.

Why is Toncontín Airport so dangerous?

The Toncontín International Airport is dangerous because of the proximity to mountainous terrain, and also short single asphalt runway which is 2,163m (7,096ft) long, This airport is at an elevation of 1,005m (3,294ft).

4. Courchevel Airport (CVF)

Courchevel Airport Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport In The World

Location: Courchevel

Serves: Courchevel

Airport type: Military/Public

Courchevel Airport is an antiport serving a ski-resort in the French-Alps. This airport has a very short runway of only 537metres (1,762feet), making this airport one of the most dangerous airports in the World. According to our research, Courchevel Airport is at the 4th position as the most dangerous airport in the World.

Why is Courchevel Airport so dangerous?

This Airport is considered one of the most dangerous and risky airports firstly because of the short runway i.e. only 537metres and secondly, there is no turn-around for airplanes because of the mountainous region. Also, the runway does not have any lighting aids or instrument approach procedure, making in unsafe and almost impossible to land in fog and low clouds.

3. Paro International Airport (PBH)

Paro International Airport

Location: Paro District

Serves: Thimphu and Paro District

Airport type: Public

Paro International Airport is the only international airport of the other four airports in Bhutan. This airport is located 6km away from Paro in the deep valley of the bank of the river of western Bhutan ParoChhu. The peaks surrounding this Airport are 5,500 m (18,000 ft) high.

Why is Paro International Airport so dangerous?  

This airport is known as a challenging airport because it is surrounded by high mountain peaks, and only less than 18 to 20 well-experienced pilots are certified to land at this airport. Flights to and off from Paro are restricted to daily hours from sunrise to sunset and only allowed under visual meteorological conditions.

2. Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport

Location: Province No.1,North-East Nepal

Serves: Lukla, Nepal

Airport type: Public

Lukla Airport or Tenzing–Hillary Airport is a small airport located in a small town of Lukla, Solukhumbu District in eastern Nepal. This airport is also the place where people start climbing Mount Everest Base Camp, so it’s popular. Daily flights are available from Lukla to Kathmandu, but only during daylight and in good weather. According to our research, Lukla Airport is the second most dangerous airport in the World.

Why is Lukla Airport so dangerous?

This Airport is one of the Most Extreme Airports and the second most dangerous airport in the World. It is dangerous because the pilot has limited space for getting off and for landing too. Also, Lukla airport is surrounded by harsh landscapes, and at the end of the landing runway, there is a stone wall and steep mountain, making it the second most dangerous airport in Nepal in the world.

1. Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM)

Princess Juliana International Airport

Location: Sint Maarten (Saint-Martin)

Serves: Netherlands

Airport type: Public

Princess Juliana International Airport is the official airport Caribbean island of Saint Martin. This airport is located in the country of Sint Maarten. In 2015, the airport had 1,829,543 passengers and the movement of aircraft was around 60,000. This airport is a major gateway for the Leeward Islands and serves as a hub for Windward Islands Airways.

Why is Princess Juliana Airport so dangerous?

According to our research, Princess Juliana Airport tops the position as the most dangerous airports in the world. The short runway of about 2,179 meters in length, makes the airport most dangerous. Also, the airplane passes as nearby from the visitors on the beach as visitors can feel that they would get hitted by the airplane. There is a caution board on that beach saying that…

“Jet blast of departing and arriving aircraft can cause severe physical harm resulting in extreme bodily harm or even DEATH”. So anyone can think how dangerous that airport would be? Comment your opinion in the comment section below.

These are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports In The World 2020

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