Top 10 Cleverest Animals In The World 2020


Top 10 Cleverest Animals In The World 2020

There are 8.7 million species of animals in the world, including all aquatic animals, land animals, birds, and so on. Amongst these animals, we have chosen Top Top 10 Cleverest Animals In The World 2020. Many of us are affectionate about animals, we love animals as they are part of our life. We keep various animals as our pets like dogs, cats, etc. and take care of them as our family.

We as humans can think, use tools, solve problems, learn to do various things. Can animals do these all that a human can do? The answer is YES. Some animals which we have listed can think, solve problems, and use various tools, learn new things quickly, and so on. Scientists also say that some animals are smarter than human beings too… What do you think? Comment me down…

Let us take a look at this amazing article of Top 10 Cleverest Animals In The World 2020.

10. RATS

Rat Top 10 Cleverest Animals In The World 2020 by

Rats are medium-sized and also long-tailed animals also known as Rodents. There are numerous types of rats such as Brown rat, Black rat, Australian swamp rat, bush rat, long-haired rat, and so on.

Can rats be treated as Pets?

Rats make good pets as they are one of the fast learning animals. Pet Rat is a very clever animal. They adjust very quickly as pets, they will play around you and sit on your shoulders. If treated well, they are awesome pets to have. Pet Rats also learn any name given to them quickly.

What makes Rats Clever and smart?

Rats are super smart, training them would be a piece of cake. The reason why rats are used in scientific researches to study any diseases or any behavior is that they have very high levels of emotional intelligence which is available in only a few animals. Their high levels of emotional intelligence and ability to learn anything faster makes them one of the cleverest animal in the World.

Are rats used for working purposes or odor detection?

Yes, Rats are used for working as well as for odor detection. Rats have been used as working animals as they are perfectly used in sniffing of gunpowder residue, demining, and animal-assisted therapy. For Odor detection, Rats have smelling technology and as they get easily trained, they can detect landmines and diagnose tuberculosis through smell easily.


Cat Top 10 Cleverest Animals In The World 2020 by

Cats fall in domestic species of carnivorous mammal. There are numerous types in cats which are British shorthair, Persian cat, Maine Coon, Bengal Cat, Siamese cat, and so on. Cats are referred amongst smartest and cleverest animals in the Animal Kingdom. Siamese cat is the most intelligent and smart cat amongst all types.

Can Cats be treated as Pets?

Cats can make great pets as they are clever, smart, and fast learner.  Also, cats are less expensive and not require much maintenance costs. Cats learn names given to them as fast as dogs. Also, Cats can provide full-time love, affection, and everything you want, just likes dogs provide.

What makes Cats Clever and smart?

Cats are one of the clever and smartest animals in the World. Cats have a great perception of intelligence means they have the ability to accurately assess the intelligence of other people.


Squirrel Top 10 Cleverest Animals In The World 2020 by

Squirrels are medium-sized animals that also belong to the family of Rodents. There are numerous types of squirrels which are red squirrel, flying squirrel, Gray squirrel, ground squirrel, Indian giant squirrel, and so on. Gray squirrels are referred to as intelligent squirrels because of their enormous memory power.

What is unique about Squirrels?

Squirrels have amazing and great ability to leap 10 times their body length at the same time turn their ankles 180 degrees to face any direction while climbing which makes them unique creatures. Squirrels have a great vision, enormous powerful memory, and they can quickly copy other animals.

What makes Squirrels Smart and Most Intelligent?

 Squirrels are one of the smartest animals because they have a great and superb memory power. There are great enormous instances of squirrels remembering Human Bings. If squirrels are given food, they can determine particular human beings which are risk-free and can be a trusted source of food.


The beautiful girl is playing the violin for the elephant to listening.

Elephants are mammals that belong to the family Elephantidae, they are the largest existing land animals. There are numerous types of elephants which include Indian Elephant, African Bush Elephant, Asian Elephant, Sri Lankan Elephant, and so on.

What is unique about Elephants?

Elephants are the largest animal existing on the land. They have some unique characters which no other animal would have like long noses, or trunks; large, floppy ears; and wide, and thick legs. Female Elephants often stay with their mother’s whole life, so as humans, elephants also have great-grandmothers. Elephants are highly caring and sensitive like humans. As a baby elephant cries, the herd of elephants will touch and soothe the baby with their trunks.

What makes Elephants Smart and Most Intelligent?

Elephants have a great perspective of the mind. Scientists have researched well and have proven that Elephants are as brilliant as huge. They are highly empathic and emotional, they support each other when one of them gets upset. Even, they cry when they get upset, isn’t it amazing?


Dog Top 10 Cleverest Animals In The World 2020 by

Dogs are the domestic carnivore animals belonging to the family Canidae and are part of wolf-like canids. There are numerous breeds of dogs some of them are German Shepherd, Bulldog, Poodle, Labrador Retriever, Siberian Husky, Golden Retriever, Beagle, and so on. German shepherd and Golden retriever are some of the smartest breeds of Dog.

Dogs are used by the Police Department also for investigation as dogs have the ability to track out criminals, sniff out illegal-type materials, etc. German Shephard is mostly used by Police Department, CBI, Army, and so on…

Why Dogs are used as Pets?

Dogs are used as Pets since the 1930s. They are the most popular pets as they are loyal, intelligent, smart, clever, playful, and follow instructions of humans. Dogs are known as “Human’s Best friend” as they protect humans and their houses from thefts, etc.

What makes Dogs Smart and Most Intelligent?

Dogs are very smart and clever. According to researchers and scientists, Dogs can understand up to 250 words and gestures of humans. They also get emotionally attached to the person whom they love. Sometimes they cry also when got upset.


Crow Top 10 Cleverest Animals In The World 2020 by

Crow is the bird which belongs to the genus Corvus. There are numerous types of crows like American crows, Pied crow, House crow, Hooded crow, and so on. American Crow (also known as Common Crow) is referred to as the smartest crow amongst their types. Crows have a nice memory and they are very much intelligent and smart.

What makes Crows Smart and Most Intelligent?

Crows have are very smart and intelligent as they have large-size brains comparing to their size. Researchers have proven that crow’s brain is the size of the human thumb but compared to its Size, it’s more than recommended. A Crow can remember a human’s face because of great memory power

Crow’s, and Ravens are the most intelligent birds on the earth as they have the ability to make tools, and solve problems and they are smarter than dogs as dogs can’t do what they can.



Parrots are birds which are found in tropical and sub-tropical regions. There are numerous types of parrots like African grey parrots, New Zealand Parrot, Love Birds, Cockatoos, and so on. African grey parrots are referred to as the smartest parrots of all.

Why Parrots are used as Pets?

Parrots are excellent family pets. Parrots desire to interact with people due to their intelligence. Parrots require lots of attention, they cuddle very much to their trusted people. Parrots are very affectionate towards people. A Great specialty of Parrot is that they have a good memory as they can adopt any language taught to them.

But Parrots, sometimes dislike strangers as they are not regularly and consistently handled by different people. Parrots can be outgoing, friendly and a great companion

What makes Parrots Smart and Most Intelligent?

Parrots are one of the smartest and cleverest animals as their brains are evolved the same as humans. Parrots have a great memory as they can learn languages faster as taught and these intelligent birds are capable of complex cognition. Their brain development from genes is as same as of Human Beings.



A Pig is an animal that belongs to genus Sus, in the even-toed ungulate family Suidae. There are numerous types of pigs which include Large White pig, miniature pig, Berkshire pig, Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig, large black pig, and so on.

Are pigs used as Pets?

Yes, pigs are used as pets but adopting pig is not like adopting a dog, the pot-bellied pigs and others are also used as prey for humans so it needs time and patience to gain trust and socialize them to Humans. Miniature pigs and Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs are generally much happier as pets, they are great companions to Humans.

What makes Pigs Smart and Most Intelligent?  

Pigs are considered the most intelligent animals after Dolphins and chimpanzees. Pigs have brain IQ similar to a 3-yr old human child. Pigs have the ability to learn new skills fasters as they adapt to complex environmental situations faster. They are a lot smarter compared to Dogs.



Dolphin is an aquatic mammal constituting within infraorder Cetacea. There are numerous types in Dolphins such as bottlenose dolphin, striped dolphin, spinner dolphin, South-Asian River Dolphin, and so on. The bottlenose dolphin is the smartest of other dolphins with an absolute brain mass of 1,500–1,700 grams, which is greater than human beings and four times that of chimpanzees.

What is special in Dolphins?

Dolphins are the most Intelligent and Smartest animals because of their huge brain. Dolphins display their culture, which is as unique as Human Beings. They are altruistic animals.

Fun Facts::- Dolphins have 2 stomachs, they can dive up to 1000 feet underwater, they can live up to 50 years!! Isn’t it amazing? Dolphins never chew their food, Dolphins give themselves a name, they sleep with half of their brain only, they migrate if they don’t get enough food, some of them can swim 20miles/hr.

What makes Dolphins Smart and Most Intelligent?

Dolphins are the most smartest and intelligent animals after Chimpanzees. One of the main reasons for their intelligence is they have a highly-developed huge brain, which gives them the ability to think, remember, and do a lot of things. If taught, Dolphins can do various skills. Dolphins have great hearing technology.



Chimpanzees are also known as a chimp, or robust chimpanzee, which belongs to the species of great ape which are from the savannah of tropical Africa. Eastern chimpanzee and Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee are the two types of chimpanzees.

What is special about Chimpanzee?

Chimpanzees have a thick body along with long arms and short legs. The full body is covered with black hair excluding face, ears, fingers, and toes. Their hands are like humans that they can firmly climb trees and pick any object easily.

Fun facts::- Chimpanzees have a life span of around 32 years, Chimps walk on two legs just like humans, They live in groups, Chimps use tools like stick to remove termites from whole, stones to open any nut contents, chimps also can be aggressive sometimes, so they attack too, chimps are very clever, Chimps are very strong,

What makes Chimpanzees Smart and Most Intelligent?

Chimpanzees are the smartest, cleverest, and most intelligent animals in the World. Scientists say that chimps have flexible brain genetics. The outer layer of their brain is characterized by the squiggly sulci, or brain folds, which is the region that gives all chimps their exceptional intelligence. That’s why Chimpanzee Top on our list Top 10 Cleverest Animals In The World 2020.

These are the Top 10 Cleverest Animals In The World 2020

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