Top 10 Most Popular Netflix Series In Hindi 2020


Top 10 Most Popular Netflix Series In Hindi 2020

Top 10 Netflix Web Series Available In Hindi Language.

We found the top 10 web series list you can watch in lockdown at home, this series is very popular in the whole world during CO-VID 19 Lockdown Period. in this our top 10 list many genres available like drama, action, comedy, crime, thriller, adventure, mystery, supernatural, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. Top 10 Most Popular Netflix Series In Hindi 2020

let’s overview the Top 10 Most Popular Netflix Series In Hindi 2020


The Spy

No. of Episodes:- 6

Genres:- Drama, Thriller

Year :-2019

IMDB :- 7.9

Audio:- English+Hindi

In our list Top 10 Most Popular Netflix Series In Hindi 2020, The Spy is in no 10. The Spy is among all’s favorite Netflix series released in recent times. This epic play and thriller based on the story of Eli Choen, Israel’s most successful Spy. Eli came under the Syrian Government in the 1960s and was able to obtain highly classified information until he was arrested and sentenced to death.

This amazing web series is also in available Hindi on Netflix for you to watch. If you want a short series, you must watch The Spy web series.


Spinning out

No Of Seasons:- 1 (10 episods)

Year :-2020

IMDB:- 7.7/10

Geners:- Drama

Audio:- English+Hindi

In our list Top 10 Netflix series in Hindi 2020, Spinning Out series is in no 9. Spinning is a sports game that features the story of a skating couple who has problems balancing family, love, and aspirations. Spinning Out is the best Hindi-language television series on Netflix. There is only one season and you can watch it on the weekend.



No. of seasons:- 3 (30 episodes)

Genres:- Crime Drama, Biographical

IMDb Rating:- 8.8/10

Audio:- English+Hindi

In our list Top 10 Netflix series in Hindi 2020, the Spinning Out series is in no 9. Presented by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro, Narcos is an American crime television series. Narcos is based on the drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. The series traces how Escobar became involved in the cocaine trade in Colombia and became a billionaire in advertising and distributing cocaine.


The Protector

No. of seasons:-  3( 25 episodes)

Genres:- Action, fantasy, science

IMDb Rating:- 6.8/10

Audio:- English, Hindi, Turkish

Protectors Are one of Turkey’s best drama series. It recently came to Netflix for its streaming in several sub-continental languages ​​such as Urdu, Hindi, and Tamil. The series has attracted a large audience. Also, it is the only Turkish show available in Hindi.

The Protector surrounds a young man named Hakan, who is a shopkeeper. He then discovered the original secret, where he was assigned to rescue the city of Istanbul from a powerful enemy.


Ozark: Top 10 Netflix Series Hindi 2020

Number Of Seasons :- 3 (30 episods)

IMDb Rating :- 8.5/10

Genres:- Crime, Drama, Thriller

Audio:- English+Hindi

Ozark web series is an American crime series made by Mr. Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams and for Netflix, it is produced by Media Rights Capital. The series stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as a married couple who relocate their family to Ozarks following a money-laundering scheme gone wrong.


Lost In Space

Total Number Of Episodes – S1-10 S2-10

IMDb Rating :- 7.3/10

Genres:- Family Watch Together TV,TV Dramas,US TV Shows,TV Action & Adventure

Audio:- English+Hindi

Lost in Space is an American Sci-fi Television show. After being reached on an alien planet because of the crash-landing, the Robinson family struggles with all odds to survive and escape. But they are surrounded by hidden dangers. Lost in Space series is also available in Hindi. This Series is must watch series.


The Witcher: Top 10 Netflix Series Hindi 2020

Year:- 2020

Total Number Of Episodes:- 8

IMDb Rating:- 8.5/10

Audio:- English + Hindi

Netflix has released the fantasy epic genre with its TV adaptation and web series of The Witcher, and after the climactic end to the eight-episode first season, fans are already looking forward to season 2. currently The Witcher is the most popular series viewed in the world.

In this series, Henry Cavill’s lead as Geralt of Rivia, who kills a monster by hiring, is a series based on the novel by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski and transformed into a TV presenter by Lauren S. Hissrich.


Locke and Key: Top 10 Netflix Series Hindi 2020

Year :- 2020

No. of seasons:- 1 (10 episode)

Genres:– Supernatural, horror, Fantasy, Drama

IMDB :- 7.4/10

Audio:- English+Hindi

Locke & Key series is very popular currently in the world, this is a very interesting web series and their first season released in 2020. In Locke and key, after their father’s death, three siblings and their mother move into a house that is filled with magical keys. These keys have the ability to bend reality. Locke & key series is based on a graphic novel by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.

This series available in Hindi dubbed on Netflix. Personally Locke & Key is one of my favorite series.


Lucifer: Top 10 Netflix Series Hindi 2020

No. of seasons:- 4 (67 episodes) Netflix announced on June 7, 2019, about the fifth season, which will be the last season.

Genre:- Urban Fantasy, Horror, Police procedural, Comedy-drama, Supernatural

IMDb Rating:- 8.2/10

Audio:- English+Hindi

Lucifer is an American television web series developed by Tom Kapinos based on the DC Comics character this series also available in the Hindi language.

This is Netflix’s most famous web series. many audiences have gone straight to Netflix to watch their favorite show. Lucifer is an amazing and mysterious thriller when a demon named Lucifer coming to Los Angeles. He is pictured coming from hell. After meeting in town, he begins helping down local police in solving criminal and domestic cases.


Stranger Things: Top 10 Netflix Series Hindi 2020
YEAR:- 2020

No. of seasons:- 3 (25 episodes)

Genres:- Science Fiction, Horror fiction, Historical period drama

IMDb Rating:- 8.8/10

Audio:- English+Hindi

Stranger Things is one of the most popular series available on Netflix in the Hindi version. there are three seasons available on Netflix. It’s about the supernatural presence in the rural area of ​​the Hawks in Indiana. When the little boy disappears and looks for him, vibrant activities take place.

Stranger Things is one of my favorite series. This is the most popular series in the world and also most IMDb rating series.


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